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To the eastern side, inside the church stood a fireplace and within it a collection of animal hair. This appeared be ritualistic. Someone had been there trying to conjure up something that’s for sure. Abandoned places seem to attract the kind of people in which enjoy casting spells and summoning demons.

HAunted magazine: issue 21, The Para-urbex girl

In slow motion the saucy beef tipped like a dam sending a tsunami of spice all over. There was nothing I could have done to save it.

-A Work in progress (Something exciting coming soon)

It’s Autumn and brown, crispy leaves are littered all over and surrounded every tree. The air is dense and oppressive making difficult to breathe in and now I feel suffocated.

Haunted magazine: issue 22, Auschwitz.

I was finaly able to locate him but cold like a corpse he felt; lifeless, soaked to the core processor. I lifted him carefully out of the water, conscious of further damage. At first sight he was unrecognisable, so badly beaten he would only be identified by his serial number.